SC – 2 RS (pallets in a row succession)


     The pallet shuttle car of the SC – 2 type is a machine that carries out reciprocating motion on running tracks. In the standard arrangement the SC – 2 is adapted for the transport of two pallet handling units EUR measuring 800 or 1000 mm in width, 1200 mm in length and maximum height 2400 mm. The arrangement of the conveyors is in one and the same axis in a row.

The pallet shuttle car is able to take and pass the pallet units from the respective taking to the respective passing positions by one or two units at a time. The transport elements of the pallet unit are two roller or chain conveyors placed in one and the same axis in a row. When the shuttle moves the products are held on the pallet by the pressure roof from above. The positioning of the shuttle to the separate taking and passing positions is secured with laser metering. The communication is solved by infra-red transmission.

The shuttle is energized by trolley line. After the customer’s agreement the mechanic safety frames can be replaced with safety scanners.