About the company

 Company presentation:

Company MORAVIA GLASS TECHNOLOGY, Ltd.   was founded in 1997 based on a long-time experience with the projection and production of equipment in the industrial automation field. Since the very beginning our company is focused on the production of single-purpose machines and glass-making industry equipment. Company’s main manufacturing programme is producing machines and process equipment lines for the cold junction field of container glass production. Corresponding to the above mentioned is the machinery of the company, which is able to ensure the production of tooled parts, metalworks of all kinds, welding, sheet metal processing, metal finishing. The company possesses shop floor and assembly hall in which it is possible to realize the overall equipment assemblage including the wiring. We also provide the final assembly and equipment realization right at the customer’s address. At the company’s premises you can both find engineering department and production facilities.  In the field of producing single-purpose machines and equipment for cold junction field of glass production the company is endowed with a long-time experience and the necessary know-how in pursuance of which we also provide design activity and consulting service. Our company can also produce a wide range of conveyor and palleting systems for the food processing industry or for big logistic centres. It can either be realized according to the provided documentation or including our own project and engineering design. Last but not least, our company is able to manufacture simple metal machine equipment according to the provided documentation.

Field of activity:

Glass industry, in cooperation with the company Sklostroj Turnov Ltd. mostly for glass factories specialized in the production of all sorts of container glass for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for glass producers worldwide. However, particularly for the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and former Soviet Union countries. In the woodworking industry our conveyor systems are used by the company A.S.P.R. Ltd. Kyjov as a part of the palletization lines for pellet production. With regard to metal manufacturing we realize job-orders of metal structures and simple machines in coopertion with company BYAS Ltd. Bohuslavice. Unutilized capacity of plasma cutting is also avilable at our plant.       

Company development:

The aim of company MORAVIA GLASS TECHNOLOGY Ltd. is not only progress in development and use of the up to now production but also amplification of the operation scope to all areas where the conveyor and palletization/depalletization systems are used. This concerns especially the food industry where container glass (breweries, wine-making factories, soft drinks companies, preserve producers) is used, nevertheless, also where baking goods are produced. There are also the conveyor system components such as pallet dispensers and pallet shuttle that can be utilized for the automation in places of reloading goods e.g. big logistic centres.