Pressure tester


     The pressure tester of round products of SIT type is a mechanical single purpose machine determined for rotation pressure test of round products (bottles and glasses) with the aim of exposing the defects on their surface. Defective products do not meet the set trial compression levels.

Every product passing through the machine is separately carried between the hold-down ring and the arched pad pressed with a pneumatic tamper. On the pad the product makes a minimum of half turn. The product is under constant uniform test pressure. Faultless product passes, defective product is destroyed.

The pressure tester of round products enables easy installation of the machine to the single range conveyor of the controlling line without the left or right differentiation. The delivery of the pressure tester involves three sets of „entries and exits“ for the products including three sizes of the „shoe“ according to the size of the goods.

An integral component of the pressure tester is a device for separating goods, cullet chute, and middle pressure flow fan with two blow nozzles, congestion guard device placed closely after the pressure tester and a congestion guard device placed on the line after the pressure tester of round products.