Automatic palletizer


     The equipment is designed for palletization or depalletization of layers of goods with circular or angular shape and the diameter min. 40mm up to max. 200mm, with the weight of separate products reaching up to 1,2kg. It is possible to palletize a layer of goods on the pallets sized 1200 x 1000mm, EU standard pallets or smaller according to the customer requirements. Maximum weight of a palletized layer is 150kg. All types of palletizer heads can be adjusted to the format change of the produced assortment. The automatic palletizer assembly technologically consists of the following equipment:

  • Final product conveyor with a right-angled bend, standard height 1000mm.
  • Stacker with restraint lever of a complete layer on the Single Liner.
  • Single Liner with lining bar is an automatic palletizer component for the standard maximum height of the pallet handling unit 2400 mm. According to the customer‘s requirements the palletizer can be fitted with universal gripper head or take away head with inflatable tubes or a vacuum take away head. Its further component is pneumatic aligning bar with a drive, reglets loader and output roller conveyor of the one way cross table L = 1800 mm standard height 430 mm.   
  • The conveyor track of the pallet handling unit after the output roller conveyor of the cross table L = 1800 mm continues with the roller or chain conveyor segment L = 2200mm followed by segment L = 1600 mm. 
  • The conveyor track of the empty pallet stack begins with the roller conveyor L = 1600 mm, followed by automatic pallet dispenser L = 2200 mm. The output from the automatic pallet dispenser is to input roller conveyor of the one way cross table. Centre distance between conveyor track of the empty pallet stack and the pallet handling unit track is 2000 mm.
  • The controlling of the automatic palletizer and conveyor tracks of the pallet stack, empty pallets and pallet handling unit is conducted from the high voltage cabinet and control board.  

In the order specification it is necessary to state the side orientation, left or right realization.

Description of the automatic palletizer function

The function of the automatic palletizer set is automatic. The operating staff by the automatic palletizer set tends to preparation of reglets under the automatic reglet loader. The operating staff can manage to attend to a few automatic palletizer sets as in the case of a defect (e.g. jammed product in the automatic stacker, irregularity in complete layer alignment under the take away head, the absence of an empty pallet under the aligning bar, congestion in track of pallet handling units, the absence of pallets in the automatic pallet dispenser, aso.) they are acoustically and visually alerted to the emerged problem.

Final product conveyor with a right-angled bend carries the final products that are independently lined up in two rows with the help of the sequencer belonging to the stacker. That is a condition of the stacker function.

The push bar automatically shifts rows of products on the Single Liner before the restraint lever which is waiting for a whole layer to complete. As soon as the layer is complete and all right, it is released and moved to a Single Liner aligning bar under the take away head. When the layer of goods to be packed is in order, the pallet on the output segment of the cross table with moisture-proof foil and reglet, straightening frame is lowered to the working position, the prepared layer is automatically grabed with the take away head, transferred and placed on a reglet in aligning bar. Take away head returns to the basic position and the aligning bar aligns the laid layer. Automatic reglets loader places another reglet and returns to the basic position. The straightening frame shifts one layer up. After placing the last layer and the end reglet the straightening frame lifts to the upper position and enables automatic departure of the complete pallet handling unit to the following conveyor segments up to the end position. When pallet handling unit releases the cross table output segment the prepared empty pallet with moisture-proof foil is automatically moved here from the input segment. To the vacant place there is another empty pallet released from the automatic pallet dispenser.

To supply and stock up the automatic pallet dispenser with the stack of pallets there is the roller segment L = 1600 mm used before the pallet dispenser.

The electric installation is realized by control system Siemens.