Bucket elevator


     The bucket elevator is a machine used for the vertical transport of bulk non-tacky material up from below.

The construction of the bucket elevator consists of basic toe section with a reversing drum with a movement sensing element and a hopper, a section of two-chamber wells vertically placed on one another with the lower having a large assembly hole and a driving section with a driving drum and electric gear. The driving section is also a discharge hopper and a conveyor loop take up. The bucket elevator is of solid structure. The toe section is fixed to the floor with anchors. Two-chamber wells are fixed with steel wall clamps to the structure.

The transport element is the continuous belt to which there are steel buckets screwed. The sense of motion is one way. The electric gear is fitted with a one way fuse preventing the reverse move of the conveyor belt with loaded buckets. The motion of the conveyor belt is scanned from the shaft of the reversing drum.