Collecting conveyor


     The collecting conveyor is determined for the horizontal or inclined transport of bulk material such as glass batch. The conveyor is made for one way transport.

There is the main belt conveyor and the cleaning poker bulk conveyor merged in the closed box structure. The belt conveyor is placed above the cleaning poker bulk conveyor. The box structure is closed so that the carried material did not fall out of it. The number of the feeding spots into the collecting conveyor is random alongside its whole length and it is only limited by the construction parameters of the hoppers. The outfall of the belt conveyor and the cleaning poker bulk conveyor is the same. Each conveyor has its own drive with electric gear.

With the alternative of the inclined transport the conveyor drives are equipped with electric gear with one way sense of rotation.

The pieces of bulk material that stick to the surface of the conveyor belt are removed by a scraper on the driving drum and V-blade scraper on the inside of the belt before the reversing drum. All possible fallen material or material removed by the V-blade scraper gets to the bottom of the bulk conveyor. The bulk conveyor has a cleaning function. Its operation time is set in the time intervals so that the bottom of the collecting conveyor was clean from the accumulated material.